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Did You Hear What Our Patients Are Saying?

Here at we understand how important seeing visual results can be in helping a patient visual their own procedure. At the same time, however, we value our patients’ safety and confidentiality above all and have decided not to have their photos available for the web masses. If you would like to see our patients Before […]

Restore Youth to the Face with St. Louis Facial Fat Grafting

It’s a strange concept when you first think about it. Injecting fat into a part of your body? The fact of the matter is, not all fat is bad. A certain amount of it is actually required to give you that youthful, healthy glow. As we grow older we begin to lose some of the […]

Hand Rejuvenation – St. Louis

The effects of age and occupation take their toll on our bodies and common signs of aging seem to crop in to various parts of our bodies with varying degrees of severity. As with the skin on our faces, the skin on our hands is susceptible to wrinkles and other aging signs due to a […]

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