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Tummy Tuck St. Louis

Almost everyone who undergoes a significant, dramatic weight loss is going to have some amount of excess, sagging skin left over. Excess, sagging skin around the abdomen is also common in women who have had multiple pregnancies. It can be an emotionally traumatizing thing to deal with and can destroy confidence, as well as hinder […]

St Louis Breast Reduction

Women who are born with overly large breasts often deal with daily chronic pain, as well as emotional strain. If you are one of these women and are tired of not being able to feel comfortable and confident in your body, you may be a good candidate for Breast Reduction surgery. Breast Reduction is a […]

How to determine if you should have a breast lift with implants in one surgery or two?

I see a lot of patients who come in for a consultation for breast augmentation and either know they definitely need a breast lift (mastopexy) or do not realize that they need a lift. An augmentation – mastopexy is one of the most complex surgeries that plastic surgeons perform and they carry a high complication […]

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