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Fat Grafting – St. Louis

In age we actually begin to lose a valuable fat which keeps us looking healthy and youthful. When we lose this valuable fat, particularly in the face, the skin begins to sag and wrinkle and even look a little sunken in. It may seem an odd thought to inject fat into any part of your […]

Breast Reconstruction – Know Your Options

Dr. Cabbabe performs a number of cosmetic procedures designed to lift, plump and enhance various parts of the body. One of the most rewarding procedures Dr. Cabbabe performs is breast reconstruction surgery. The diagnosis of breast cancer is both shocking and devastating. Using the latest in breast reconstruction techniques, Dr. Cabbabe can restore breasts to […]

St. Louis Lip Enhancement

Full, round lips have long been envied as a sign of beauty. Some people are born with naturally plump lips but most of us need a little help to get the fullness we desire. The increasing desire to plump our limps is evident in most stores these days as lip plumping glosses have begun to […]

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