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Improving Prominent Ears with St. Louis Otoplasty

Prominent ears can be the cause of self consciousness and teasing, particularly in young people. Both young boys and girls can suffer from ears that stick out too far from the side of their head. If not corrected in their youth, it may continue to cause self consciousness throughout adult hood. Our surgeons can improve […]

St. Louis Breast Reduction – Relieving the Stress and Pain

Women with overbearing breasts may view the age old adage of “bigger is better” as something people who’ve never been there wouldn’t know isn’t true. While some women struggle to enhance their busts, women with larger breasts may feel the weight of wanting to reduce their own and be struggling with people around them who […]

St. Louis Brow Lift

These days there are many varying kinds of facial rejuvenation procedures available on the market. Dr. Cabbabe offers his patients many options for improving the signs of aging prevalent to parts of the face like the forehead, cheeks and eyes. For patients who have a wrinkles, creases or a sagging, heavy brow, a Brow Lift […]

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