St. Louis Plastic Surgery Consultants Financing Options

St. Louis Plastic Surgery Consultants accept credit cards, cash and checks (for office visits only).

Financing options for cosmetic procedures are also available. Financing your procedure has numerous benefits, including that it allows you to have the surgery now versus waiting months or years to gather the money.

Certain factors will come into play when receiving a loan.

Interest Rate

Interest rates vary based on your credit history, selected loan term, and loan amount. Do not let your concern about interest rates stop you from applying, because in spite of past credit problems you may very well qualify for extremely reasonable rates.

Loan Terms

Loan terms may include, but are not limited to, 12, 24, 36, and 48 months. It is also possible a revolving credit line may be an option, depending of course on your credit history.

Down Payments

Requirements for a down payment are determined based on your credit history, along with your health care provider’s requirements, if applicable. It is a possibility that with average or above average credit, you may not be required to put any money down.

Applying for a loan is easy. Click here to contact us today and learn more about the financing options we offer.