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breast reconstructionDr. Cabbabe is a premier breast reconstruction and breast implant specialist in St. Louis and is referred patients from all over the region from other plastic surgeons, doctors, nurses and other patients. Breast reconstruction surgery is a passion of Dr. Cabbabe’s and he takes great pride in his patients and his outcomes. He is an advocate for his breast cancer patients, always seeking to do what is in their best interests, both functionally and cosmetically.

Dr. Cabbabe has extensive experience in all of options for breast reconstruction including expander – implant based breast reconstruction (Alloderm), microvascular breast reconstruction (DIEP, SIEA, SGAP, LGAP and free muscle – sparingTRAM), autologous breast reconstruction with conventional TRAM or latissimus flap and . He also offers one – stage breast reconstruction with implants. Dr. Cabbabe takes all on types of revision for reconstruction including capsular contracture, revising reconstructions with radiation and other disfiguring conditions. Furthermore, Dr. Cabbabe has expertise in oncoplastic breast reconstruction, combining lumpectomy with breast reconstruction at the same time.

breast reconstruction
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Dr. Cabbabe has worked with and knows all the best breast surgeons in St. Louis at St. Luke’s, Mercy, Missouri Baptist, St. Anthony’s, DePaul, DesPeres, St. Clare and Christian NE hospitals. Currently, Dr. Cabbabe performs reconstructive procedures at Mercy South. St Clare and St. Luke. Dr. Cabbabe believes that every patient with breast cancer should see a plastic surgeon prior to any type of breast cancer surgery, even if breast conservation is being performed.

Your Breast Reconstruction will be performed in a hospital or surgery center in St. Louis, MO.

Types of Reconstruction:

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