Chest Lift for Men

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A chest lift is a skin removal operation for men who have had massive weight loss. This may be referred to as a gynecomastia repair or a breast lift. A chest lift operation involves significant skin removal on the chest with repositioning of the nipple. Often times the nipple has to be completely removed and put back on as a free nipple graft in order to be done correctly. Leaving the nipple attached leads to bulkiness under the nipple in these significant skin removal operations.

Good candidates are men who have lost significant weight and have BMI’s less than 30 ideal, or at a minimum, under 33. Liposuction is always used as an adjunct to contour the chest and allow the procedure to be done with less risks. There will be visible scarring on the chest and usually it is concealed along the breast fold and curving up towards the arm pit as needed, following the edge of the pectoral muscle to conceal the scar. On the other hand, a scar that travels from the breast fold, towards the back in a straight line is never recommended and very disfiguring for a man.

Some loss of pigmentation may occur in the nipple-areola, worse in darker skinned men, but can be tattooed later if needed (uncommon). Other risks include infection, bleeding or skin necrosis.

male breast reduction
removal of breast tissue
male breast reduction
removal of breast tissue

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