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St. Louis BOTOX

Smoothing out wrinkles, fine lines and restoring youth to your face has never been so quick, easy, cost effective and efficient as it is today. In years past the only option available to those wishing for facial rejuvenation was a face life surgery. Face lift surgery is still one of the best options out there […]

Are all breast lifts (mastopexy) the same?

All mastopexy surgery is not the same. The scars make look similar but what really matters is what is done to lift the underlying breast tissue. The external scars involve a round incision around the areola to reduce and lift it, a vertical scar to remove excess skin on the breast and lift the breast […]

Carpal Tunnel Treatment St. Louis

Carpal Tunnel is a condition caused mostly by repetitive movements and it occurs when there is constant pressure on the median nerve from swelling in the nerve or tendons. Common symptoms include pain, tingling or loss of feeling, control and strength in the hands and wrists. Often people with Carpal Tunnel can find relief by […]

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