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Bariatric Body Lift Surgery

After a major weight loss through traditional methods or bariatric surgery, the accomplishment of the weight loss is often partially over-shadowed by the disappointment of the excess skin left over. While a healthy diet and exercise routine can help you reach and maintain your ideal body weight, it unfortunately can do nothing for the excess […]

St. Louis Corrective Ear Surgery

Otoplasty has improved the appearance of countless men, women, teens and childrens ears. Having ears which are more prominent than others or stick out from the side of the head, can be the root of ruthless and unnecessary teasing and emotional distress. Otoplasty generally takes around 3 hours to complete as the ears cartilage is […]

St. Louis Facial Fat Grafting

Facial Fat Grafting is a highly effective and permanent procedure in which fat is donated from another area of the body, processed and purified, then re-injected into the needed area. It may seem odd in a culture that is determined to purge all it’s fat, but some fat is necessary to create a smooth, healthy, […]

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