St. Louis Board Certified Plastic Surgeons - Dr. Edmond Cabbabe and Dr. Samer Cabbabe

Plastic Surgery Consultants, Ltd. is dedicated to helping patients achieve their goals by offering the highest level of medical and surgical care in a personalized, tailored approach. Our experienced board – certified surgeons are recognized for their abilities to consistently and safely obtain excellent and natural results.

Our Staff

Our professional staff is dedicated to patient service and is here to attend to your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Surgery Scheduler
Becky has been in healthcare for 11 years and with the practice for 5 years. She works with your doctor and you to schedule a convenient time for your procedure. She also makes sure all the paperwork is completed so everything goes smoothly for your “special day” so all you need to do is relax and look forward to the new “you.”

Front Desk Receptionist
Melisa, known as “Missy”, has been in healthcare for 20 years and has been with the practice for 2 years. She answers the phone, greets you with a smile as well as takes all your information and lets Dr. Cabbabe know you have arrived.

Billing/Account Managers
Laura joined the practice 4 years ago in our billing department bringing 15 years healthcare experience with her. She handles billing insurances and prepares appeals, and so much more every day.

Lisa, CCA, also joined the practice 4 years ago with 14 years prior healthcare experience. She is a Certified Coding Associate who reviews all documentation prior to insurance billing. She helps with the phone and fills in wherever there is a need.

Practice Manager
Betty has been in healthcare for 33 years and manages the business operations of the practice. She is there to assist you with the financial aspects of your procedures, whether that be through Care Credit or if your procedure is covered by insurance, to help you understand all the nuances of Deductibles and Co insurance and help you with any financial questions.