All mastopexy surgery is not the same. The scars make look similar but what really matters is what is done to lift the underlying breast tissue. The external scars involve a round incision around the areola to reduce and lift it, a vertical scar to remove excess skin on the breast and lift the breast over the breast crease and a horizontal incision in the breast crease if the nipple is significantly elevated to keep the distance from the nipple to the breast crease correct.

Many breast lifts involve removal of skin only and the techniques fail because they rely on the skin to support the breast. This leads to “bottoming” out” of the breast over time as the stretched out skin cannot support the weight of the breast. Similarly, using an “inferior” pedicle technique, whereby tissue is left intact from the breast crease to keep the nipple alive, results in a “boxy” breast shape and results in “sunny side up” nipples as the breast bottoms out.

Dr. Cabbabe is an expert in breast surgery and usually takes a more aggressive approach to reshape the breast so that the result is long – lasting. This involves taking apart the breast and suturing it together so that the breast is supported without the skin. This prevents bottoming out and creates a nicer shape overall.