St. Louis Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials

For over 30 years we have been providing exceptional cosmetic and reconstructive surgical care. Throughout the years we have been blessed with thousands of satisfied patients who routinely refer other patients to our practice.

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Thirty years ago, I met a man. A good man. By my perceptions, a great man. The finest example of a human being, I have ever met. The man’s name, Dr. Edmond B. Cabbabe.

I met him on a Saturday night. I had been drinking all day. I had run a red light while riding my motorcycle, and had broadsided a 73 Delta 88. Which, is a very sturdy vehicle. As a result, my right forearm was broken in half, and was almost completely cut off. I had some other injuries I found out about later.

At the hospital I was informed they had called him. Someone had expressed doubt as to whether he would come. Then, I got the word, he was on his way. Also informed at some point, he was very good, and well known. I thought a doctor that prominent, would reserve his skills for the wealthy and influential people. Yet, he came.

I remember the nurse informing me that he was there, and that I needed to stop talking, so he could start working. Which was quite significant, since my upper and lower lips were cut completely through. First he stitched my lips. Then my nose, and leg. Then he went to work on my arm. At one point I woke up, and looked down. The level of concentration I saw, was intense. About five hours worth of “microsurgery”.

On Tuesday, he repaired the fractures to my right cheek. “Orbital blow-out”, was what I was told. He visited my room after I woke up. He explained to me why it was very important, that I not put any pressure on that side of my face. He asked the nurse for a roll of tape and a pen. He wrote; “Do Not Touch”, on the tape, and stuck it there. I was amused and amazed at his resourcefulness. Good idea.
I saw him at his office. His staff, “always” kind, informative, and encouraging. When he changed the bandage on my arm, I would take the towel I used to keep the sling from chafing my neck, and put it over my face. The look on his face said, “I don’t know why you’re not interested in seeing this. I don’t understand, but I accept it”. Things “below” the surface of the skin, I don’t want to see. I don’t have the mindset for it.

He did a surface skin graft to close the opening there. The bandage covering where the graft was taken from, my right butt cheek, was like saran wrap. The area kept oozing. The bandage, held on by 1/4 inch adhesive tape, kept coming off. I decided to fix that. A trip to Walgreen’s yielded a big square, “non-stick” bandage, and a roll of “2 inch” adhesive tape.

At the next office visit, I proudly told him what I had done. The look on his face told me, I had made a big mistake. The next look, was priceless. I believe he was trying not to laugh. Three tugs, and three laps around the chair, the bandage and tape were off. That was educational. I learned; “non-stick” Band-Aids, do. I also learned; the longer adhesive tape is on your body, the better it sticks.
Before one surgery, he came in to show me the, “Maylar implant”, that he was going to put on my check, that would return some definition. I remember he was very enthused, and it was contagious. The person who was with, I’m guessing another doctor, just stared at me. Why, not sure. Maybe, he was a bit judgemental. Dr. C showed me the implant, and then handed it to me. I was amazed. It was tear drop shaped, concave, and had smooth dimples on it’s surface.

Currently, it stays in place. Sleeping on my face pushes it over against my nose, or upwards, distracting my vision. Takes about three days of fiddling with it, to get it back where it belongs.

He referred me to a physical therapist. A very encouraging, knowledgeable, pleasant woman named Ramona. With all those qualities, she didn’t take any crap though. Back then, I was always testing that area on people. Although she was very encouraging and enthusiastic, she didn’t believe in pushing you to the point where you hurt yourself. I agreed with that.

After one whirlpool session, I noticed the area of skin that had been expanded, and brought together, was dissolving. Straight trip back to his office. He applied some pressure to my forearm, and slid his hand down towards the opening. A glob of dark red came out. He informed me those were blood clots. I stated they looked like grape jelly. I noticed him wrinkle his nose a bit.

I later found out, my comment about “grape jelly”, had put him off of grape jelly for a week. I didn’t know it was possible to, “gross out”, a plastic surgeon. I was a bit proud though, that I had.

I had to see the orthopedic surgeon who had put the frame work in my arm, that held the bones together. Getting me into position for an xray, his nurse slammed my, freshly sewn back on, arm down on the table. The woman had an attitude, harsh and unpleasant. I wanted to change doctors.

I informed Dr. Cabbabe about my experience. I don’t know what he did, but my next visit there, was quite a different experience.
Before one scheduled outpatient surgery, I was standing out in front of the hospital smoking. Dr. Cabbabe’s wife dropped him off. I believe what amazed me most, was his casual, everyday type of guy, disposition. You couldn’t tell by looking, that he was a well respected, highly regarded, plastic surgeon. He looked just like a family guy, who’s wife was dropping him off at work. No pomp, no fanfare, just a regular guy.

Someone did point out to me, his Mercedes had wipers for the headlights. What will those Germans come up with next. Having driven professionally, and having had to squeegee bugs, and mud off the truck’s headlights, I was impressed with how practical an idea that is.

Doctor Cabbabe never judged me. He didn’t walk in that night, take a look at me, and decide I wasn’t worthy of his talents. At that time in my life, I wasn’t the most agreeable, or pleasant person to be around. Still, I never felt judged by him, or his staff. I didn’t sense that he felt he was wasting his time. Or that I would just go out and mess up his work.

I feel the reason everything worked out, was because of teamwork. I did as I was told. I looked after my arm as well as I could. I was durable enough to endure the bare minimum of pain medication. Which was extra strength Tylenol with codeine. It tasted like crap, and I hardly ever took it. Surprisingly enough, the level of pain, wasn’t that great. Any extra prescriptions, would have caused problems.
Dr. Cabbabe looked after me, like I was family. He never talked down to me. He got me involved with the reconstructive process. Always keeping me well informed about what was going on, what was next, and how things were progressing. The way I was handled, I’ve never thought of that injury as traumatic.

There was something else. Something, I couldn’t identify, much less understand. That being, how he could be so prominent, yet so down to earth. So important, yet so humble. So serious, yet so funny. A young lady recently revealed that to me. I’m still in awe. Although now, I can better sense that disposition. And when I try to copy it, the results are very acceptable.

He possesses a lethal sense of humor. Which I discovered the time I was pressing him to explain, where the tendons for my ring and pinky finger had gone. That he had repaired so much, making it look easy, I couldn’t understand. Caught up for a second, he then looked at me and said, “they got away”. Me, trying to be serious, “they got away”? While trying to envision, where they went. He flatly stating, “yep, they got away”. I knew that was the final answer. He sat and waited while it all sunk in. I started laughing.

As I stated, Dr. Cabbabe is to me, the finest example of a human being I’ve ever met. He is, “LEGEND”.

– Anonymous

“I’m glad to see he is still practicing. In 1986 I was involved in a motorcycle accident. Multiple compound fractures of my right forearm, cut tendons, cut nerve, soft tissue damage, cut artery, orbital blowout, top and bottom lip cut through, nose, leg. The good doc had his work cut out that night. About 13 months, maylar implant, wires in my head, skin graft, skin exspander, flesh dissolving infection, steel plates, bone graft. That was a lot of work on his part and dedication. 29 years later, still going strong and still grateful.



Easter MiracleAnonymous Patient: Many of us who read the bible are fascinated by the stories of great miracles from the past. Stories of Moses parting the Red Sea or Jesus instantly healing the ear of the guard who was coming to arrest him on Good Friday show us the awesome power of our God. But many of us wonder do miracles happen today.

Our son is living proof that miracles do happen.

Less than a month ago our son and his dad were out in our woods cutting down some dead trees with a chainsaw. Our son was holding a large branch that they were cutting through. As the limb was cut it fell and along with it his hand fell right on top of the chainsaw.

A trail of blood was following our on his way into the house. We tried to wash the wound off in the sink and were horrified with what we saw. His hand was unrecognizable. It looked like mangled flesh and was hard to believe his hand would be able to be saved from the picture in front of us. We wrapped it about 6 times as he was loosing a lot of blood and rushed off to the emergency room.

While they were checking us in we prayed to God for a miracle. We asked God to save our son’s hand and help him to recover completely.

When we arrived in the examination room we were greeted by a nurse whose husband had suffered 2 chainsaw accidents. She knew exactly what to do to help our son and ease his pain. The ER doctor told us this injury was way out of his scope and called us a specialist. We waited for 2 hours for him still confident that God would answer our prayers.

When Dr. Cabbabe walked in the room with his confident swagger we knew he was sent from God above. Sure enough in less than an hour he had snipped away lots of skin that was no longer usable and miraculously sewed our son’s hand back together. Although it took over 100 stitches he told us our son would have no permanent damage and would be fine.

Less than a month later our son is almost fully healed and back to playing sports and all of the things he loves. Some may say this was just the skillful hand of a talented surgeon. But I know it was the hand of God who came down to heal our son. Miracles do happen. Just wanted to share our Easter Miracle with you!”

“My tummy looks amazing! I am so very pleased with your work.

Take Care and THANK YOU for helping me change my Life”


“Dr. Samer Cabbabe,I had my tummy tuck in December and I’m healing good. It’s March and I can’t wait to wait a bathing suit this summer. Thanks so much for all you did. I don’t have any regrets!!!



Y.R. Abdominoplasty: “I am Amazed with the difference! And I referred another lap band gal to you today… I am extremely pleased with your work! Thank You so Very much for Everything and I Pray one day I can get the rest done and can come back to you!”

J.D. Abdominoplasty: “I have had plastic surgery done before so I can say this with some degree of experience. I was truly impressed with Dr. Cabbabe’s skill as a surgeon and as a human being. He answered all of my questions, and did a fantastic job on the surgery. I would also like to compliment the office staff for a great job.”

D.H. Breast Reconstruction: “Dr. Cabbabe is caring, realistic, up front, and honest. He will get the job done for you and be honest with you. His staff is fast, courteous, and I have come to love all of them!”

R.J. Breast Augmentation: “My experience with Dr. Cabbabe was exceptional. He spent close to an hour going over everything in detail during my consultation. He even called me the day after surgery to check up on me. His work is amazing; all my friends are impressed with my chest. I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested.

J.W. Facial Reconstruction: “Dr. Cabbabe, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how appreciative I am of everything you have done for me in the medical care from my accident. I have never ran across another doctor who could even come close to your all round medical professionalism. My family and I cannot get over how compassionate you were while I was under your care.. You’re the only Doctor who’s professionalism is way above the others I have seen.”

I.S. Liposuction: “I’m totally satisfied. The lipo was a little more painful to recover from, but the results were wonderful and I’m glad I did it. I recommend Dr. Cabbabe because he always made me feel comfortable and at ease. I would do it all again.”

J.S. Facelift: “I am confident that Dr. Cabbabe is the best person to get your beauty goals accomplished in St. Louis. With an artful and intuitive approach to your face, he will ensure, that at any age, you will look natural and refreshed.”

D.G. Breast Augmentation: “I chose Dr. Cabbabe to perform my breast augmentation because I was so impressed with his office at the time of my consultation. Everyone was so nice and he made me feel so comfortable. I am so happy I had it done. I can’t wait to wear a bathing suit this year.”

A.F. Breast Reconstruction: “Dr. Cabbabe is the plastic surgeon that other plastic surgeons refer their difficult cases or complications to. He was able to repair me and make me whole again. I am so thankful that he is practicing here in St. Louis.”

Y.D. Rhinoplasty: “You may be St. Louis’ best-kept secret, but most assuredly not for long. As an exceptional physician and surgeon, you possess many beautiful gifts. Knowledge and skill is but a part of which a fine practitioner makes. Your fervent passion in your chosen specialty is boundless, and clearly sets you apart from the rest. I am greatly enjoying the beautiful results and feel proud and privileged to be in your care.”

M.D. Mommy makeover: “If you are ready for a mommy makeover and are considering plastic surgery, I highly recommend that you go straight to Dr. Cabbabe. You will not be disappointed at any stage in the process!! He is an amazing and gifted doctor”

“Dear Dr. Cabbabe,I cannot thank you enough for how much you have changed my life. After two babies and a stomach that had been stretched and abdominals torn, I never thought I would be the same again. I came to you for a consultation after having visited other plastic surgeons. The other surgeons were impersonal, rushed through my questions, and left me feeling confused about what I would need to have done and, therefore, disappointed.

As soon as I met you, I was immediately comfortable, confident in you, and at ease with your caring and professional manner. You had an amazing amount of patience with my list of questions and took your time in explaining the procedure in terms that I could understand. You were knowledgeable, honest, personal, and in tune with me and my individual concerns. Your instructions, advice, and experience with the sequence of events from pre-surgery through recovery were a huge relief to me so that I fully understood what was to come.

Your office staff was friendly, welcoming, upbeat, and respectful from the first phone call to scheduling surgery to the instructions that follow. They made me feel just as comfortable as you did and were discreet and confidential with me, in and out of the office, which I greatly appreciated.

My results are beyond perfect – I just stare at my flattened and fixed tummy and cannot believe it is me again! You definitely went above and beyond for me to make sure I was happy with my results. You never let me down and continued to educate and reassure me from the beginning of surgery and throughout the entire recovery process. I never thought I would have this body again and it is even better than I could have hoped for! Your precision and expertise in surgery are beyond amazing and obvious by my impeccable results. You have a natural ability and talent to be such a gifted surgeon.

Thanks for taking care of me and listening to my concerns and needs. You are a physician who cares and it shows in who you are and how you practice. Thank You from the bottom of my heart,

J.H., abdominoplasty

“Dr. Cabbabe,I just wanted to drop you a note of gratitude on behalf of…..the Weight-Loss Institute for all you have done for our post-operative patients. Last night was our 10th Annual New Year, New You event and I heard allot of compliments and chatter surrounding your name, your practice and your overall ability to speak with our pts with compassion and understanding….Not to down play the magnificent results you have provided to many of them….THEY are THRILLED with that too!!!!

I send folks to you all the time and am happy to hear that they find the same pleasure in your kind words and wonderful skill that we know!

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you on the post op end. I would love to invite you next year…… so you can hear the testimonials and life changing stories that you and your practice are absolutely a part of.

Thanks again and have a great week!”

SSM Weight-Loss Institute
Team Leader

“I traveled from out of state to have Dr. Samer Cabbabe perform my breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Cabbabe proved to be an excellent surgeon with a warm and caring bedside manner. He spent a great deal of time answering my many questions in my initial consultation. He proved to be up to date on the latest techniques and had a great deal of experience using a variety of implants. He discussed with me my options for the type that would appear most natural and attractive for my body type. Dr. Cabbabe’s staff was top notch and were very helpful in preparing me for the surgery. I am incredibly pleased with my results and feel that Dr. Cabbabe listened to my wishes in regards to shape and size. My recovery was excellent and the small incisions are healing beautifully. I am beyond pleased and feel Dr. Samer Cabbabe is an extremely talented surgeon.”-L.P., Breast Augmentation

“I am so happy with Dr. Samer Cabbabe. He listened and answered all my questions. He took lots of time with me. I liked his confidence. I would highly recommend him. I had my facial surgery at St. Anthony’s and the staff there were great also. All in all I feel like I found the best surgeon in St. Louis!”S.K. Facial Rejuvenation

“During our initial consulation Dr Sam Cabbabe was excellent. Talked to us about pros and cons and risks, was patient with our questions. encouraged more questions. Friendly and professional. The office staff was top-notch. No one made me feel rushed.”-A.C. liposuction