Women diagnosed with breast cancer go through several stages of shock and devastation, made even worse when it means losing a piece of their womanhood such a part of one, one or both breasts. A decade or so ago options available to women following removal of one or both breasts where very limited to none, but these days more options than ever before are available. Breast reconstruction surgery is one option many women are choosing to help reconstruct their breasts after the loss. Dr. Cabbabe considers breast reconstruction surgery one of the most reward procedures he is able to offer. He uses the latest, most advanced techniques to reconstruct the breasts back to a more normal, healthy appearance.

There are many kinds of breast reconstructions. It can be overwhelming to look through them all and try to figure out what is the best for you. The best way to understand these options as they pertain to your individual situation is to schedule a consultation to discuss your options directly with Dr. Cabbabe via confidential consultation. He will explain your options thoroughly and help you make the best decision for you.

Follow the link to read a more in depth review the breast reconstruction procedure and the different types of reconstruction available. Ready to start discussing your options with a board certified plastic surgeon? Contact our office today to set up your consultation appointment.