After a major weight loss through traditional methods or bariatric surgery, the accomplishment of the weight loss is often partially over-shadowed by the disappointment of the excess skin left over. While a healthy diet and exercise routine can help you reach and maintain your ideal body weight, it unfortunately can do nothing for the excess sagging skin. Through a St. Louis Body Lift surgery the excess skin can be removed and tightened so that the patient may more fully appreciate the success they’ve achieved in their weight loss.

Bariatric Body Lift Surgery may vary slightly from patient to patient to include whatever areas that particular patient needs. Excess skin may be removed from the upper arms, legs, buttocks or groin, abdominal region or even breasts. Cabbabe Plastic Surgery offer Lower Body Lift, Arm Lift, Medial Thigh Lift, Liposuction, Belt Lipectomy, Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), Breast Lift and Face Lift. Contact our office to schedule a consultation today to learn more and to find out the best plan for you.