Many women, and some men, struggling with the appearance of their upper arms as they get older. They may have difficulty finding clothes that fit comfortably or feel self-conscious in public due to excess, sagging skin and fat in the upper arm. Through Arm Lift St. Louis Dr. Samer Cabbabe has helped many people achieve leaner, smoother, more youthful looking arms. The Arm Lift, or Brachioplasty procedure, is performed through an incision that run on the inside of the arm from the elbow to the armpit area. In some cases the Arm Lift surgery may be performed in combination with other body contouring procedures such as Liposuction, to remove excess, stubborn pockets of fat. In patients who have achieved a significant weight loss and have sagging skin on multiple areas of their body, the Arm Lift may be one of a series of procedures, along with a Body Lift, performed to remove excess skin and allow them to feel more comfortable, confident and able to enjoy their weight loss success.

If you are interested in learning more about the Arm Lift surgery process and recovery, and to find out if you may be a good candidate for the procedure, contact our office to schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. Cabbabe today.